4 pro tips to stay safe in your student accommodation

While majority of your university life is spent having fun, it is always wise to remember the significance of keeping vigilant and safe while staying at your own.  Although all our Oxfordcaps residences do have on-site CCTVs, still keeping in mind our simple advice will assist you in keeping yourself extra safe.

Beware of stalkers

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It is best to be wary of people coming behind you when entering your accommodation or while you unlock your room to enter. If someone does try to follow you, it is best to report it to our Oxfordcaps team.

Make sure to lock your bedroom door

It’s not only important to lock your door when you are going out, but it’s also imperative to lock it even when you are inside the room.  By keeping your room door locked, you will be able to safeguard your valuables. Before leaving your room, keep all your money or valuables such as laptops or phones out of sight or hidden so that if anyone tries to break in, h/she would have to struggle to look for anything valuable.

Do not keep your keys lying around

Always keep your keys on you and do not leave them hanging in the lock on the door. Also, if by any chance you do lose the keys to the accommodation, please immediately report it to our Oxfordcaps staff.

Report if you come across something suspicious!

It is as simple as that. If you come across something or someone around your accommodation that does not feel quite right, please report the same to the Oxfordcaps team.

Along with the combination of CCTVs and the on-site Oxfordcaps team, taking the above mentioned precautions will ensure that in addition to enjoying your stay with us, you also enjoy our high security standards and the safest possible environment 24×7.

If you have any queries about safety at our student residences, please get in touch with us on email or call.

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