5 best pranks to play on your roommate on this April Fools’ Day

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Did you have a good look at your calendar recently? If you haven’t, then let us fill you in! April Fools’ Day is just around the corner and pulling a prank on your roomie will especially be tempting on this day. A humorous prank will definitely bring you and your roommate a good laugh, but keep in mind not to push it too far because we don’t want anyone getting hurt or injured. So here we have some of the best and easy peasy prank ideas to play on your roomie this April fools’ day:

Make a soap that doesn’t lather

This trick doesn’t require much homework and comes in handy. For this trick to work, you just need to cover your roommate’s soap with clear nail paint and have to put it back at the usual place. The next time your roommate takes a shower, h/she won’t be able to lather up and will not even know why. H/she will miss the smelly clean feeling that comes after a nice shower, while you will have a good laugh. This prank will become even hilarious if your roomie is a gym freak or likes to go for a run.

The hidden treasures

Do you have some leftover decorations from Halloween? If yes, make a good use of these. Use a plastic worm, bug, spider or any of the creepy crawlies and put it in the refrigerator just where your roomie places h/her lunch or takeout or even better on h/her pillow. Now sit back and watch chaos ensue when h/she goes to the fridge or to get some sleep after a hectic day at college. This trick along with being super effective is also incredibly hilarious!

Food pranks- Replace sugar with salt or vice versa

Food pranks can come in handy and really make an impact. This one comes as one of the easiest pranks ever. Replace the sugar container with salt and enjoy your roommate’s priceless expression when h/she sips on his tea or coffee. To take it to the next level, pack their next day’s lunch and add a dash of jalapeño sauce to really heat things up.

Gift wrap everything

If you do have the patience to gift wrap each and every item that your roommate uses, then this effort of yours will surely earn a super reaction. All you need is a lot of wrapping paper and cello tape. It’s a good idea to stick to a pattern so that everything in the room looks uniform and gives a great effect. Plan ahead and make sure you have enough time when your roomie is out of the space as this process may take a while.  Take a hand of two from other flat mates to lift and gift wrap the mattress or sofa.


Running down on energy and funds? Then stick to this simple yet entertaining prank. Just cut out a face picture of a funny TV character and tape the same to your face or to the outside of your room’s peephole. Now all you have to do is start knocking at the door frantically. Don’t forget to stand by to catch your roomie in case h/her heart flutters while opening the door…[Giggles]

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