Studying From Home Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 6 Tips

PGs in North Campus

Now since we are keeping social distancing AKA home quarantine in our homes as we adhere to social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus outbreak. So how can we keep our studies going perfectly well from our living room or bedrooms?

Here are few tips to studying from home without lazing around –

Have a routine-

This is very important as we tend to feel very lazy when we are at home or when we don’t have to go to college. it can be tempting to sleep in ’til afternoon and throw all plans out of the window. But waking up early and having a strict routine can really help, not only in the studies but to keep a healthy mindset and body.

Make a dedicated study space –

Studies have shown that studying on a table and chair makes a big difference in productivity and motivation.

Find a corner at your home or in Hostel (if you were not able to go home and stuck in your hostel), make that a perfect study space for yourself, clean any clutter off. Decorate a little bit if you want, You could put some motivational quotes on post-it notes above your table for the positivity.  

If finding a space a problem, then just sit anywhere turn your headphone on to minimize the sounds and other noises, and staring concentrating on studies.

Get dressed up-

I know sounds weird but it does work for the productivity, it is tempting to stay in our PJ’s all day long and have an inactive morning, but after few days you will start feeling sluggish.

To steer clear of that lethargic feeling, make sure you get up in the morning and exercise and get properly dressed as if you are going to your college or attending classes. Get dressed every morning to give you that boost of energy to make sure each day starts well!

Use technology for keeping up with your study and group projects-

Use the technology to connect with your friends and group member, Plan a subject-wise group study. Schedule a meeting for the group projects updates, there are so many free video chat and meeting apps which can be used, make the most of the technology to get you to work done at your hostel and PGS.

Don’t Forget the Family-

Do spend time with your family if you’re at home help your mom in household works. The most positive side of home quarantine is that you have plenty of time to spend with your family which you hardly get. So make the most of it, talk to your family, play indoor games like UNO, Cards, chess or Ludo, dive back and re-live your childhood if you are at home. If you are in your PG or Hostel then, do the video conferencing with your family members and have lots of chats with then, learn some new skills, cook for yourself there are plenty of things which can be done.

Use the Time to Build Mental health-

It’s very important than ever to do everything you can to boost your immune system and mental health during this extra stressful time. Social distancing can take its toll on your wellbeing, but luckily we have access to so many things that can help us.

There are many fitness apps they have personal instructors and dance trainers to help you, there are many exercise classes available online for free, you can also join the community volunteer groups to help vulnerable people. Participate in science and comedy festivals from your couch!

Above all, look after yourself and take care of others during this time. Stay home, study as best you can, and stay connected with your loved ones.

Student Accommodation in Delhi

Each year thousands of people move from their home towns to bigger cities for job opportunities, education, and even a better lifestyle. A very high percentage of these people would be of young adults shifting for education. From coaching institutes to colleges and universities, bigger cites in India usually hold better opportunities and more options as compared to a smaller city. 

Being the capital of the country, Delhi has always been an attraction for migrations, especially in North India for the tremendous amount of opportunities and options available. The 2001 census shows that 41% of Delhi’s residents 

(Excluding NCR regions of Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad) were migrants. The highest influx being from Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand. 

With India’s largest and one of the most prestigious universities, The University of Delhi, people are especially attracted to the capital region for education. Along with The Delhi University, Delhi and Delhi NCR are the home for the top public and private universities of the country, like India Institute of Technology (IIT-D), National Institute of Fashion Technology, AMITY University, etc. Giving students a diverse range of courses to choose from for their higher education from technical, to arts, to languages, to science, the capital region has it all. 

Delhi also happens to be an attraction for people looking for coaching for competitive exams, especially for the government sector. Thus making parts of Delhi, hubs for coaching institutes helping students prepare for examinations like SSC, UPSC, entrance exams, etc. 

With such a high influx of students coming into the city every year, Delhi surely becomes the focal point for everything related to the student. 

Even though it is a small city, there are different parts of Delhi dedicated to a different type of student. 

Finding accommodation becomes the number one task for anyone moving into a new city. The needs and expectations of a student, when they come to a place to stay are very different from someone who is moving for any other reason. These expectations also depend upon the part of Delhi they look for accommodation in. It can be to get the first taste of freedom, or to enjoy the ‘lifestyle’ of the city, or to make Delhi a permanent home, or to just study. 

The student accommodation situation in Delhi is similar to most of the metropolitan areas in the country. While there are the usual Mom & Pop PGs and hostels run by individuals, there are also bigger players that offer organized student accommodation in Delhi having a good share in this sector.

While there are a lot of differences in both these types of accommodations, they both provide basic amenities like a furnished room including bed and study table, food and since it is the need of the hour, Wi-Fi. 

The facilities of such ‘home-run’ student hostels would be more or less like a bed and breakfast where you are provided with the necessities. The meals are also optional in most of these student PGs in Delhi. 

the time is changing, and the new students are the gen-Z, as we call it, who were born with the internet in their pocket. Their needs and demands are different and much more than just a ‘bed and breakfast’. They want better-looking spaces, the option to pick out an independent room without any sharing, hygienic food, entertainment and most importantly fast and stable internet connection.

This is when companies like Oxforcaps tap into new needs. They are present in areas typically inhabited by students, and thus the options to choose from becoming larger. These organized student accommodations/branded hostels offer everything a gen-Z student would need and also want. From well furnished, younger-looking rooms and meals with variations to common rooms with games and TV for these students to relax. They even offer fully equipped gyms within these hostels. And of course, high-speed internet. And these organized student living are present in North Campus, Laxmi Nagar, Rohini, and even NCR regions like Noida and Gurugram. 

The factor that distinguishes these organized students living from regular PGs/hostels is that they offer a lot more than vibrant common areas and rooms. They regularly hold events and interactive sessions for its residents, helping them in growing so much more with their community.

In certain situations, students, especially those who have already spent over 2-3 years in Delhi, tend to shift into independent accommodation in Delhi. These are unlike the hostels, where everything is taken care of, the student needs to arrange and tend to every need of the household, including food, bills, housekeeping, etc. Since these independent flats are more expensive and come with a lot of responsibilities, they are less popular among the student community.

You can find accommodation in Delhi at something like Rs 7,000 a month to Rs 25,000 a month depending upon the location and the facilities that are being provided. In the end, it is the individual’s expectations and needs out of the accommodation that is the deciding factor.

So if you a new student and looking for the accommodation near North campus Delhi, you can explorer these branded hotels available in the city who are more than just regular PGs.

Choosing the Right Hostel for your Career

Hostel life is easily one of the most monumental times of a student’s life. You get the taste of freedom for the first time coming out of your homes. What defines these significant years are not just the college but also your hostel. These few years are the building blocks of the career path and shape what your life ahead is going to be like.

When you spend more time in your hostel than your college, it is essential that you choose the right hostel for your career. Let’s look at some points which you should keep in mind while looking for the student housing accommodation.

Distance from College: The first and foremost thing you should check is the distance of the hostel from your college. If you end up opting for a hostel at a greater distance from your college, you might end up spending quite some time traveling and a lot of times you might end up missing your classes altogether.

Internet Connection: Our whole world revolves around the internet these days. Especially as a student, assignments, classes, research and even Netflix, all of these require a good speed internet connection. Gone are the days when you went to cyber cafes to use the internet for projects, so make sure you get desirable internet speed in the accommodation you are choosing.

Food: Your parents are going to be the most concerned about your food. Although it is hard to get your ‘home-cooked’ meal, getting clean hygienic food without any restrictions on the quantity is essential. Most hostels have a predecided menu, have a look at it, tell them about any of your dietary restrictions, you can even try the food there before finalizing

Safety: Moving to a new city, away from your family, the safety in the hostel is going to play a crucial role, especially for girls. Having security guards at all times, trustworthy warden and regulation on the entry of outsiders in the hotels is a must. Clear out all your apprehensions and questions with the hostel staff beforehand.

Common Rooms: Along with your own room, you are going to spend a lot of time in the hostel in common rooms where you can interact with the rest of your hostel mates. It is important that your hostel gives you a space like this where you can relax, unwind and reach out to there other students from different backgrounds and colleges and learn so much.

Connectivity: Even if markets and entertainment areas are not in close proximity to your college campus/hostel, having good connectivity and public transport options are necessary. It makes traveling around the city and going back home alone easier and cheaper.

You might find multiple options within the same proximity of your college campus, you should research well and not rush into any decision. Some of these options might even be cheaper than the rest. But when you are picking out accommodation to stay near your college, where you would be living for the coming year, a cheap hostel is not always a wise choice. In the longer run, you might face a lot of difficulties and lack of facilities in places like these. Checking google ratings and reviews is indispensable because these are genuine responses from students or parents of the students staying there. Explore well before finalizing. 

Must-Visit Cafe around North Campus

A weekend in Delhi can never be complete without a visit to the North Campus of Delhi University.

Easily accessible by roads or metro, it has the top Delhi University colleges like SRCC, Hansraj. 

From lanes that are always full of life, activities regularly happening in the colleges, the young energy, it is a part of Delhi that never sleeps. But what makes this place famous is the pg accommodation at every nook and corner and a bustling food joint right next to it. From local street food to budget-friendly cafes, this part of Delhi is perfect for a student.

Many such cafes have come up in the past few years with beautiful interiors, interesting themes, tasty and inexpensive food. These cafes are perfect for the students staying in hostels of Kamla Nagar and for anyone visiting there. 

Here is a list of the must-visit cafe around north campus

Cafeteria & Co.

Situated at the main road in Hudson Lane, you can spot this cafe from far away. With a wide variety of continental food, they serve burgers with quirky names like the Micheal Jackson burger and the Donal Trump Burgers. They also have 100% raw and natural cold press juice to go with their famous seasoned Chicago fries.


Ricos has been present in Hudson lane for years, but they recently opened a new outlet in Kamla Nagar right next to our hostel. With incredible pancakes and fresh breakfast options, it is an excellent choice for your brunch. Your cameras will automatically come out seeing their beautiful interiors and grand entry.


Another pocket-friendly cafe with amazing momos and offbeat ambiance, which makes Echoes different is that it is managed perfectly by a  hearing and speech-impaired team. Lamps with sign-language are put all around the cafe; you communicate with their team using paper pen and different cards. A must-visit for a feel-good experience.


A “must-visit cafes in North Campus’ list can never be completed without Big Yellow Door. It is one of the first cafes to open up and is no doubt the favorite amongst all. It servers amazing shakes and bomb cheese crust pizzas. You can always find a group of friends celebrating here.

‘40 Under 40’ by BW Disrupt Celebrates Young Leaders

40 under 40 award organized by BW Disrupt is one of the most sought-after and distinguished business awards provided as a recognition for being the region’s best and brightest young professionals under 40. This year, in the 3rd edition, 261 nominations were received and post thorough review 120 nominees were shortlisted and presented to the jury. Amongst these, 40 attended the jury meet for a presentation. For the remaining 80, videos and elevator pitch presentations were looked at by the Jury.

The jury meeting took place on 10th October 2019 where the prominent jury members finalized the 40 winners out of the 120 shortlisted members. An extraordinary elevator pitch, growth parameters, organization USP, vision and faith, and conviction have been showcased by the winners.

The distinguished jury members were Bhaskar Pramanik -Former Chairperson, Microsoft India, Mahendra Swarup- Founder, Venture Gurukool, among others and all of them were the decisions makers for the 267 entries for this year’s 40 under 40 awards.

On October 23rd, 2019, the quest for the 40 most progressive corporate leaders, change-makers, funders, and founders has ended. At the third edition of the BW Businessworld 40 under 40 awards in association with BW Disrupt, following a rigorous jury process, 40 awards along with 3 special mentions were awarded to some of the most influential leaders of the year.

Our CEO, Annu Talreja, was also amongst the winners of the BW Disrupt 40 under 40 award, and was recognized for being the region’s best and brightest young professionals under 40. In one of the panel discussions, experts discussed the development and growth of co-living spaces in India. In this discussion, our CEO also shared her views on co-living. In the words of Annu, “Co-living is like a hotel business of shared offices. If you see the trend in the sharing economy, we are moving to the asset-light model. So is the living experience. If you see globally homeownership is coming down in double digits last year. As homeownership is coming down, they are looking for more feasible alternate rental accommodations. Everybody is focusing on their niches. That is why we are focusing on students’ accommodation.”

“I am humbled and filled with gratitude to be honored tonight along with some of India’s great and worthy leaders. We have been blessed with a few awards over the last few years but this one holds a special significance”, acknowledged Annu while receiving the award. 

This event featured hypnotic speakers including Arnab Goswami, MD Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder Republic TV, Jackky Bhagnani Actor Founder JJUST Music, Ankit Prasad, Founder Bobble AI, and Alok Bansal Co-Founder and Director Policybazaar, among others.

The event also featured inviting conversations and experiences that will aid entrepreneurs and others within the business field gather valuable feedback from the audience in addition to helping personalities visualize through the significance of ingenious and innovative thinking in business. This award is a step forward towards acknowledging the leaders and innovators who are the future of tomorrow and are bound to make the world a better place. We would like to congratulate all the winners and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Oxfordcaps-A new type of student living experience made with YOU in mind

pg house in delhi

Finding a place to rent or a good student accommodation site in India can be a daunting task. Moving to a new city, often entails endless hobnobbing with brokers and real estate agents, who seldom tell all the facts you need to know about student housing before shifting into your accommodation.

Oxfordcaps brings an international experience in managing student housing, creating a technology-enabled and community-driven student living experience designed for the Gen Zs. Our student accommodations are located in all prime cities across India and cater to each and every need of the student community.

Connectivity and transit points

Oxfordcaps as a premiere student housing company in India takes the connectivity and transit point areas well into consideration and that’s why our student hostels are strategically located and are extremely approachable.

Also, we have noticed that the student accommodation/hostel for girls in India do not comprise basic general purpose shops, salons, pharmacies, or hospitals. Oxfordcaps student housing company has also kept this in mind which makes us a popular choice amongst students across India. Our properties are walking distance to universities, which will make your daily commuting easy.

Your own premium shell

Rooms provided by Oxfordcaps student accommodation provider are specially renovated to incorporate better storage, natural light, and ventilation. Besides this, we provide a clean and hygienic environment along with tasteful furniture and spacious rooms. These state-of-the-art facilities will make your stay with us a memorable one.

All our properties are premium offerings comparable to luxurious student housing with international standards of amenities. Special storage designer bed with bedspread and pillow are also provided with a room in addition to comfortable mattresses and separate almirahs. This way you can enjoy the same comfort you experience at your own home. Besides this, you get an opportunity to network with a variety of people and make new friends. Our student accommodations provide a sound and peaceful environment for students to study and work with full focus and zero worries.

Amazing meal plans

Another major feature which makes us one of the best student housing company in India is that we boast an elaborate menu. It comprises of wholesome delicious vegetarian, non-vegetarian and Jain meals in addition to 24×7 vending machines provided on each property. We provide breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner at all our properties. Also, all the food provided at Oxfordcaps is FSSAI certified as we pay special attention to the health standards. In addition, a fridge and a microwave is provided to students at all our properties for them to store or heat any food items. Food vending machines are also put in place to fulfill all your midnight cravings.

Community driven services

Oxfordcaps is one such student housing company where the main goal is to build a space that encourages a sense of belongingness for students across the country. Oxfordcaps student accommodations also offer several community engagement opportunities like career events, entertainment, food trails and travel deals for its student community so that students can explore diverse options and other areas of interest. Our need for community building is deeply rooted and is also reflected in the way we include community spaces in our designs. The common room at Oxfordcaps has recreational lounges and games like pool table, foosball and carom, among others.  Majority of our student accommodations also have a great gym so that you can stay fit despite your busy schedule. The community events that happen from time to time are immensely engaging and fun


Apart from 24×7 security guards, our student hotels have a biometric security system and are CCTV-enabled. We also have a team of vigilant and trained security personnel apart from this robust security infrastructure. We make sure that our safety instruments, processes and resources are well in place at all the operational PGs for girls as well as boys. With Oxfordcaps student housing company, parents can stay assured of their children’s security.

Cost of a PG accommodation

Our student accommodations are ideal for individuals, looking for rental options at a convenient price that is also value for their money. We also try to cater to students across price segments with various price ranges for single occupancy as well as double and triple sharing room options. Oxfordcaps student housing is a perfect match of expectations and reality and is a dream destination for every student who is on the lookout for an amazing living experience.

Amenities and services

We understand that moving to another city is a big transition and hence we aim to provide our students with a home and not just a room. Our student hostels are spread across India and provide all amenities under a single roof. We offer various facilities including Wi-Fi connection, TV lounge, professional laundry services; 24 hours power backup, gym and play zones within the building which act as absolute stress busters. We also offer high-speed connectivity to our hostel residents.

Have a heap of laundry? Consider it done (and neatly folded up) as we also provide professional housekeeping and laundry facility at our properties. We have airport pick-up and drop off facility at all our student residences. Wr have taken care of each and every aspect of student living which also inculcates the health of students. This is why we ensure that doctors are available on call and other emergency services are in place.  

Tech-enabled ecosystem for a seamless experience

The tech-savvy Gen Zs seek simple yet quick and seamless solutions especially with regards to areas such as periodic bills and basic housekeeping. We take the welfare of our students very seriously and this is why our student housing company has easy to use technology platforms where students can not only pay their monthly rentals and other bills but also book the next cleaning service or laundry pick up easily. The technology driven living experience will definitely add more to your college life and you will surely enjoy your time here at Oxfordcaps student hostels. We at Oxfordcaps completely understand that shifting to a new city is never a smooth process. The experiences are vast and varied from learning the ropes of the trade at the college to gradually getting acquainted with the distinct culture of a city. In light of these challenges, proper and peaceful housing becomes immensely important in increasing your productivity at work. 

How to settle quickly in college life?

pg in bangalore for male

College life is an integral chapter in our lives and initially, everyone is apprehensive and at the same time ecstatic, because this is when we turn into individuals and accept the responsibilities that come our way as compared to school where we were in a protective environment. We get the required exposure – for instance when we travel alone, or make our own decisions, as that is when we realize the difference between right and wrong. We also meet people with different temperaments and cultural backgrounds and learn how to handle them; all in all, we end up growing as a different person altogether. Although adjusting in this new environment with completely new people might seem like a daunting task but fret not, these are the little things that you can do to ease this transition and will surely help you settle right into this college experience without a hitch.

Try to be outgoing and social, especially in the beginning

cheap accommodation in bangalore

College friendships are the best investment you can make because in most cases, the first few bonds you make may turn out to be friends for life. So make it your agenda to be more interactive with your batch mates and hostel mates. In short talk to people, network, make lots of friends, who will act not only as your support system in this wild ride but also who’ll make this journey worthwhile.

Don’t ignore your academics

pg in bangalore for female

It is quite obvious sleeping in and skipping that 8 am class will be tempting at times assuming you will be able to cover up using notes, still try to be as punctual as possible during the initial months. Also you might run into some snags later in the semester so try to maintain a good relationship with your professors throughout. Find out about your course requirements and future prospects side by side as it’s always wise to make an early start.

Befriend decent and resourceful seniors

best hostels in bangalore

These seniors will be in a better position to guide you through any difficulties you might face- be it academics, or with professors or just college management, they will be your source of wisdom as they’ve already had firsthand experience in all these areas.

Sign up for a society, club, or a tech team

pg in bangalore

Try to be involved in campus activities like societies and fests depending on your interests. College could actually be that opportunity you have been looking for, to explore some new area of interest or pursue an existing hobby. By the time you’re a sophomore, chances are, you’ll know where you belong. This is also a fantastic way to meet new people and you never know you might find like-minded people who you’re likely to get on with. Also apart from the experience and exposure, these would also add to your CV.

Find a good place to stay (preferably close to the college)

rooms for rent in bangalore

One of the biggest challenges you would face is relocation that is to find a place(PG/Hostel) which gives you the essence of home. And if it’s your first time moving away from home, it’s understandable that you might get a little homesick now and again. But don’t worry: there are a lot of good student housing, Branded Hostels/PGs options available these days, you just need to do thorough research and select a good place based on your requirements and within your stipulated budget.

During this entire process, you’ll make some great choices and some bad ones too, but it’s all part and parcel of the journey. Also, make sure you don’t take too much at once – studying and partying are both parts of the student experience, but try to strike a balance.

Feeling homesick at your accommodation? 8 Places to lighten you up in Bengaluru

Confused with what to do with your evenings and weekends- After all, how many movies or malls can you possibly go to? You need not worry as Bangalore is home to an endless array of attractions- From partying at the best pubs, to savoring traditional Karnataka dishes at the iconic eateries or enjoying thrilling rides at adventure parks, you can do it all in this city. Whether you’re someone who’s super outgoing or someone who prefers the solitary life- you can find plenty of places to lighten up in Bangalore.

Pebbles- The Jungle Lounge:  This upbeat jungle lounge is a must-visit for all those who want a break from Hip-Hop playing, walled, and tiny clubs. The whole place gives a carnival-like feel, the major crowd puller is the big banyan tree area covered in fairy lights. If you are into electronic music, then Pebble the Jungle is the place to be. So bring your friends and enjoy a chilled out the weekend at this lounge.

pg in bangalore

Om Made Café: This tranquil lifestyle cafe is serene, simplistic and absolutely soothes the soul; perfect for an evening get together with your friends. Open terrace seating surrounded by long leafy plants and soft interior lets you enjoy the relaxing Bangalorean summer breeze. The food is particularly fresh and lip-smacking contributing to the rustic theme. On most days they rope in various indie-jazz bands to play, which will make your evening even more memorable.

Social, Church Street: This warehouse-style bar-resto, drawing a cool urban crowd serves delicious food in jail dishes and cocktails in chemistry lab equipment. Its rustic-industrial feel coupled with upbeat music is unexpectedly relaxing and uplifting. You can enjoy a relaxing laid-back evening here and don’t forget to order their signature meze platters and ghee roast chicken.

pg in bangalore

Puma Social Club: This pub is especially popular with the football fans mainly to enjoy the English Premier League and Champions League games. With its simple and classy décor, the atmosphere here is always electric and buzzing. Whether you choose to try out their delicious delights or sip on a refreshing cocktail, we bet you’ll definitely have a breezy time at this club.

hostels in bangalore

Lal Bagh Gardens: It is one of the most picturesque parks in the city and has a long eventful history behind it. They also have a glasshouse, an aquarium and a beautiful lake that adds to the already existing beauty of the garden. It has a rich fauna and flora including several exotic species of birds and trees that can be dated back to over 100 years. So if you’re considering a place for a nice weekend hangout with friends amidst lots of greenery then you must visit the Lal Bagh.

paying guest in bangalore

Guhantara Resort: Home to a natural waterfall, a splendid man-made lake, and plenty of lush trees, Guhantara Resort, India’s first cave resort, is a perfect escape from the busy city life. You can Indulge in a complete day of fun and excitement with an array of adventure activities, games, and sports. You can also even rejuvenate at their luxurious spa and after finally getting soaked into the fun and delight of the day outing, relish a scrumptious lunch at their multi-cuisine restaurant.

pg in bangalore

Wonderla: If you love the idea of doing thrilling and exciting things with your friends then there is no better place for your gang than Wonderla. You can choose from their endless exhilarating water and land ride options, the most popular being Recoil and Korneto, or you can simply laze by the pool sipping your mocktail under the bright sun. Besides these activities, the amusement park also includes major attractions like musical fountains, rain showers, and reality shows.

single room pg in bangalore

Bangalore Palace: Built by Chamaraja Wodeyar in 1887 and located in the heart of the city, this palace is a sight for sore eyes. The design of Bangalore Palace was inspired by England and Normandy’s castles especially the Windsor Castle. This evocative palace is adorned with Tudor-style architecture and furniture in neo-classical, Edwardian and Victorian style, with magnificent arches and sprawling green lawns. Besides this, the palace also serves as the venue for various exhibitions, concerts and cultural programs held in the city. If you’re interested in photography and monuments then this place will surely be your paradise.

room sharing in bangalore

We hope that with all these amazing options available, you won’t be feeling bored or homesick on a particular weekend. And that Bangalore will definitely keep you excited and hyped at your low moments.

The advantages of sharing your PG or Hostel with a roommate

Leaving the warmth of your home and venturing into college life is a little nerve-wracking. This can be a daunting task, especially because now you will be sharing your room with a stranger and you don’t even know if they will have the same values, tastes, and interests as you. But trust us, roommates in pgs and hostels can be a rite of passage in this quest of shifting. You can hate them or you can love them, but you definitely cannot imagine sustaining without them.

Built-in companionship

You will always have someone there to hang out with or talk to when you come after a long day at work. From trying out the new neighborhood cafe to going on shopping you can do all these fun things together. And if you gel up enough you might even form a deep lifelong relationship with this other person.

Expand your social circle

A lot of times you get to know people through your friends, especially when you’re new to the city. Their friends will eventually become your friends and vice versa for them. This will make settling down, a lot easier, and you will have a great time discovering college life together. On top of this, you will be developing your social skills by virtue of being surrounded by various people from different fields.

Academic assistance

Now you might not both have the same courses at college, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot help each other out. When you’re writing an essay, preparing for a presentation or maybe with proofreading of a paper, you can take your roommate’s help. And if coincidentally some of your subjects overlap then you can do group studies to lighten the exam pressure.

‘The roommate effect’

A roommate can influence your academic success, your health habits, your attitudes, and this is not surprising as you would spend most of your time together. For instance, when you see the other person studying regularly, it automatically motivates you to not waste time and study. You will also learn to make a few compromises for the sake of your companionship, which will in turn contribute to your growth as an individual.

Savior in times of trouble/ dilemma

After all, your roomies are just a phone call away. You can get advice from them when in a fix, share ideas and thoughts. From relationships, career, party outfits, things to buy, your roommates can give a genuine opinion in times of confusion.

Vent it out!

Fought with your family or a close friend? Going through stress due to pending work? Scored badly in an important test? Then vent your heart out in front of your roomie in such times. They will always be there, ready to be all ears and will make you feel comfortable. That’s what roommates are for, bad day or a great day you have someone to share your day with.

Backup Wardrobe

You always have another wardrobe to invade when you’re bored with your own. You can share clothes, footwear, accessories and can experiment with your looks every once in a while. Even if you both are not exactly the same size, you can always figure out ways to fit in!

Wakes you up when you miss your alarm

Some mornings are harder than others, and to have someone to wake you up in case you didn’t hear your alarm is just awesome. This way you won’t miss an important event or a meeting.

Sharing the Costs

Everything is cheaper when you are splitting the bills. You can share the cost of the supplies like toiletries, groceries to even a mosquito repellent. There are other items that can be shared as well, for instance, a Netflix or an Amazon Prime account. This way, pitching in equally will make everything more affordable, and you will have so much more to spend on yourself.

In short the college journey can definitely be an emotional rollercoaster for people, but it definitely is a lot more worthwhile, having someone to share this experience with.

How is Oxfordcaps different from other student housing companies?

As a result of the significant revolution over the past few years in the education landscape, student mobility across states to pursue higher education has become a rising trend in India. And it is noticed that good quality of living and affordability are the two key characteristics that student migrants prioritize when looking for a home away from home. However, student housing in India suffers from various issues like a high level of fragmentation – dominated largely by the unorganized PG, lack of quality solutions, price transparency, and lack of tech enablement of processes. Our team at Oxfordcaps diligently aim at addressing this gap.

Premium customized living experience

We provide a custom designed housing product standardized within the Oxfordcaps brand services guidelines. Our rooms are specially renovated to accommodate better storage, natural light, and ventilation. Besides providing a clean and hygienic environment along with high-quality furniture and basic amenities such as housekeeping, laundry, and security, we also offer specialized services to cater to the needs and desires of students in different cities.

Tech-enabled ecosystem for a seamless experience

The tech-savvy Gen Z seeks simple, quick and seamless solutions especially with regards to periodic bills and basic housekeeping matters. Thus, we offer easy to use technology platforms where students can not only pay their monthly rentals and other bills but also book the next cleaning service or laundry pick up easily.

Health always comes first

We firmly believe in the saying “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. This the reason why the meals provided by us are not only healthy and hygienic (FSSAI certified), but also delicious and wholesome. Also, it is quite evident that millennials are going out of their way to join the gym or other sports centers to rejuvenate after a tiresome day. So to cut their effort our spaces even include state-of-the-art gyms and fitness rooms.

A space you would love to call home

Besides, proper infrastructure and amenities, every child living away from his/her home, seeks the warmth and comfort of a community to mellow down their home-sickness. Thus, we also have common rooms which are always buzzing with the energy of like-minded students forging great friendships.

We believe that it also helps in instilling a sense of security and belonging and goes a long way in ensuring their emotional well-being.

Your safety is our responsibility

Our accommodations come with advanced security features such as biometric access, CCTV & video surveillance, and secured door entry. Especially for the female students, the security is a major concern