‘40 Under 40’ by BW Disrupt Celebrates Young Leaders

40 under 40 award organized by BW Disrupt is one of the most sought-after and distinguished business awards provided as a recognition for being the region’s best and brightest young professionals under 40. This year, in the 3rd edition, 261 nominations were received and post thorough review 120 nominees were shortlisted and presented to the jury. Amongst these, 40 attended the jury meet for a presentation. For the remaining 80, videos and elevator pitch presentations were looked at by the Jury.

The jury meeting took place on 10th October 2019 where the prominent jury members finalized the 40 winners out of the 120 shortlisted members. An extraordinary elevator pitch, growth parameters, organization USP, vision and faith, and conviction have been showcased by the winners.

The distinguished jury members were Bhaskar Pramanik -Former Chairperson, Microsoft India, Mahendra Swarup- Founder, Venture Gurukool, among others and all of them were the decisions makers for the 267 entries for this year’s 40 under 40 awards.

On October 23rd, 2019, the quest for the 40 most progressive corporate leaders, change-makers, funders, and founders has ended. At the third edition of the BW Businessworld 40 under 40 awards in association with BW Disrupt, following a rigorous jury process, 40 awards along with 3 special mentions were awarded to some of the most influential leaders of the year.

Our CEO, Annu Talreja, was also amongst the winners of the BW Disrupt 40 under 40 award, and was recognized for being the region’s best and brightest young professionals under 40. In one of the panel discussions, experts discussed the development and growth of co-living spaces in India. In this discussion, our CEO also shared her views on co-living. In the words of Annu, “Co-living is like a hotel business of shared offices. If you see the trend in the sharing economy, we are moving to the asset-light model. So is the living experience. If you see globally homeownership is coming down in double digits last year. As homeownership is coming down, they are looking for more feasible alternate rental accommodations. Everybody is focusing on their niches. That is why we are focusing on students’ accommodation.”

“I am humbled and filled with gratitude to be honored tonight along with some of India’s great and worthy leaders. We have been blessed with a few awards over the last few years but this one holds a special significance”, acknowledged Annu while receiving the award. 

This event featured hypnotic speakers including Arnab Goswami, MD Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder Republic TV, Jackky Bhagnani Actor Founder JJUST Music, Ankit Prasad, Founder Bobble AI, and Alok Bansal Co-Founder and Director Policybazaar, among others.

The event also featured inviting conversations and experiences that will aid entrepreneurs and others within the business field gather valuable feedback from the audience in addition to helping personalities visualize through the significance of ingenious and innovative thinking in business. This award is a step forward towards acknowledging the leaders and innovators who are the future of tomorrow and are bound to make the world a better place. We would like to congratulate all the winners and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Oxfordcaps-A new type of student living experience made with YOU in mind

pg house in delhi

Finding a place to rent or a good student accommodation site in India can be a daunting task. Moving to a new city, often entails endless hobnobbing with brokers and real estate agents, who seldom tell all the facts you need to know about student housing before shifting into your accommodation.

Oxfordcaps brings an international experience in managing student housing, creating a technology-enabled and community-driven student living experience designed for the Gen Zs. Our student accommodations are located in all prime cities across India and cater to each and every need of the student community.

Connectivity and transit points

Oxfordcaps as a premiere student housing company in India takes the connectivity and transit point areas well into consideration and that’s why our student hostels are strategically located and are extremely approachable.

Also, we have noticed that the student accommodation/housing for girls in India do not comprise basic general purpose shops, salons, pharmacies, or hospitals. Oxfordcaps student housing company has also kept this in mind which makes us a popular choice amongst students across India. Our properties are walking distance to universities, which will make your daily commuting easy.

Your own premium shell

Rooms provided by Oxfordcaps student accommodation provider are specially renovated to incorporate better storage, natural light, and ventilation. Besides this, we provide a clean and hygienic environment along with tasteful furniture and spacious rooms. These state-of-the-art facilities will make your stay with us a memorable one.

All our properties are premium offerings comparable to luxurious student housing with international standards of amenities. Special storage designer bed with bedspread and pillow are also provided with a room in addition to comfortable mattresses and separate almirahs. This way you can enjoy the same comfort you experience at your own home. Besides this, you get an opportunity to network with a variety of people and make new friends. Our student accommodations provide a sound and peaceful environment for students to study and work with full focus and zero worries.

Amazing meal plans

Another major feature which makes us one of the best student housing company in India is that we boast an elaborate menu. It comprises of wholesome delicious vegetarian, non-vegetarian and Jain meals in addition to 24×7 vending machines provided on each property. We provide breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner at all our properties. Also, all the food provided at Oxfordcaps is FSSAI certified as we pay special attention to the health standards. In addition, a fridge and a microwave is provided to students at all our properties for them to store or heat any food items. Food vending machines are also put in place to fulfill all your midnight cravings.

Community driven services

Oxfordcaps is one such student housing company where the main goal is to build a space that encourages a sense of belongingness for students across the country. Oxfordcaps student accommodations also offer several community engagement opportunities like career events, entertainment, food trails and travel deals for its student community so that students can explore diverse options and other areas of interest. Our need for community building is deeply rooted and is also reflected in the way we include community spaces in our designs. The common room at Oxfordcaps has recreational lounges and games like pool table, foosball and carom, among others.  Majority of our student accommodations also have a great gym so that you can stay fit despite your busy schedule. The community events that happen from time to time are immensely engaging and fun. 


Apart from 24×7 security guards, our student accommodations have a biometric security system and are CCTV-enabled. We also have a team of vigilant and trained security personnel apart from this robust security infrastructure. We make sure that our safety instruments, processes and resources are well in place at all the operational PGs for girls as well as boys. With Oxfordcaps student housing company, parents can stay assured of their children’s security.

Cost of a PG accommodation

Our student accommodations are ideal for individuals, looking for rental options at a convenient price that is also value for their money. We also try to cater to students across price segments with various price ranges for single occupancy as well as double and triple sharing room options. Oxfordcaps student housing is a perfect match of expectations and reality and is a dream destination for every student who is on the lookout for an amazing living experience.

Amenities and services

We understand that moving to another city is a big transition and hence we aim to provide our students with a home and not just a room. Our student accommodations are spread across India and provide all amenities under a single roof. We offer various facilities including Wi-Fi connection, TV lounge, professional laundry services; 24 hours power backup, gym and play zones within the building which act as absolute stress busters. We also offer high-speed connectivity to our hostel residents.

Have a heap of laundry? Consider it done (and neatly folded up) as we also provide professional housekeeping and laundry facility at our properties. We have airport pick-up and drop off facility at all our student residences. Wr have taken care of each and every aspect of student living which also inculcates the health of students. This is why we ensure that doctors are available on call and other emergency services are in place.  

Tech-enabled ecosystem for a seamless experience

The tech-savvy Gen Zs seek simple yet quick and seamless solutions especially with regards to areas such as periodic bills and basic housekeeping. We take the welfare of our students very seriously and this is why our student housing company has easy to use technology platforms where students can not only pay their monthly rentals and other bills but also book the next cleaning service or laundry pick up easily. The technology driven living experience will definitely add more to your college life and you will surely enjoy your time here at Oxfordcaps student accommodations. We at Oxfordcaps completely understand that shifting to a new city is never a smooth process. The experiences are vast and varied from learning the ropes of the trade at the college to gradually getting acquainted with the distinct culture of a city. In light of these challenges, proper and peaceful housing becomes immensely important in increasing your productivity at work. 

How to settle quickly in college life?

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College life is an integral chapter in our lives and initially, everyone is apprehensive and at the same time ecstatic, because this is when we turn into individuals and accept the responsibilities that come our way as compared to school where we were in a protective environment. We get the required exposure – for instance when we travel alone, or make our own decisions, as that is when we realize the difference between right and wrong. We also meet people with different temperaments and cultural backgrounds and learn how to handle them; all in all, we end up growing as a different person altogether. Although adjusting in this new environment with completely new people might seem like a daunting task but fret not, these are the little things that you can do to ease this transition and will surely help you settle right into this college experience without a hitch.

Try to be outgoing and social, especially in the beginning

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College friendships are the best investment you can make because in most cases, the first few bonds you make may turn out to be friends for life. So make it your agenda to be more interactive with your batch mates and hostel mates. In short talk to people, network, make lots of friends, who will act not only as your support system in this wild ride but also who’ll make this journey worthwhile.

Don’t ignore your academics

pg in bangalore for female

It is quite obvious sleeping in and skipping that 8 am class will be tempting at times assuming you will be able to cover up using notes, still try to be as punctual as possible during the initial months. Also you might run into some snags later in the semester so try to maintain a good relationship with your professors throughout. Find out about your course requirements and future prospects side by side as it’s always wise to make an early start.

Befriend decent and resourceful seniors

best hostels in bangalore

These seniors will be in a better position to guide you through any difficulties you might face- be it academics, or with professors or just college management, they will be your source of wisdom as they’ve already had firsthand experience in all these areas.

Sign up for a society, club, or a tech team

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Try to be involved in campus activities like societies and fests depending on your interests. College could actually be that opportunity you have been looking for, to explore some new area of interest or pursue an existing hobby. By the time you’re a sophomore, chances are, you’ll know where you belong. This is also a fantastic way to meet new people and you never know you might find like-minded people who you’re likely to get on with. Also apart from the experience and exposure, these would also add to your CV.

Find a good place to stay (preferably close to the college)

rooms for rent in bangalore

One of the biggest challenges you would face is relocation that is to find a place(PG/Hostel) which gives you the essence of home. And if it’s your first time moving away from home, it’s understandable that you might get a little homesick now and again. But don’t worry: there are a lot of good student housing, Branded Hostels/PGs options available these days, you just need to do thorough research and select a good place based on your requirements and within your stipulated budget.

During this entire process, you’ll make some great choices and some bad ones too, but it’s all part and parcel of the journey. Also, make sure you don’t take too much at once – studying and partying are both parts of the student experience, but try to strike a balance.

Feeling homesick at your accommodation? 8 Places to lighten you up in Bengaluru

Confused with what to do with your evenings and weekends- After all, how many movies or malls can you possibly go to? You need not worry as Bangalore is home to an endless array of attractions- From partying at the best pubs, to savoring traditional Karnataka dishes at the iconic eateries or enjoying thrilling rides at adventure parks, you can do it all in this city. Whether you’re someone who’s super outgoing or someone who prefers the solitary life- you can find plenty of places to lighten up in Bangalore.

Pebbles- The Jungle Lounge:  This upbeat jungle lounge is a must-visit for all those who want a break from Hip-Hop playing, walled, and tiny clubs. The whole place gives a carnival-like feel, the major crowd puller is the big banyan tree area covered in fairy lights. If you are into electronic music, then Pebble the Jungle is the place to be. So bring your friends and enjoy a chilled out the weekend at this lounge.

pg in bangalore

Om Made Café: This tranquil lifestyle cafe is serene, simplistic and absolutely soothes the soul; perfect for an evening get together with your friends. Open terrace seating surrounded by long leafy plants and soft interior lets you enjoy the relaxing Bangalorean summer breeze. The food is particularly fresh and lip-smacking contributing to the rustic theme. On most days they rope in various indie-jazz bands to play, which will make your evening even more memorable.

Social, Church Street: This warehouse-style bar-resto, drawing a cool urban crowd serves delicious food in jail dishes and cocktails in chemistry lab equipment. Its rustic-industrial feel coupled with upbeat music is unexpectedly relaxing and uplifting. You can enjoy a relaxing laid-back evening here and don’t forget to order their signature meze platters and ghee roast chicken.

pg in bangalore

Puma Social Club: This pub is especially popular with the football fans mainly to enjoy the English Premier League and Champions League games. With its simple and classy décor, the atmosphere here is always electric and buzzing. Whether you choose to try out their delicious delights or sip on a refreshing cocktail, we bet you’ll definitely have a breezy time at this club.

hostels in bangalore

Lal Bagh Gardens: It is one of the most picturesque parks in the city and has a long eventful history behind it. They also have a glasshouse, an aquarium and a beautiful lake that adds to the already existing beauty of the garden. It has a rich fauna and flora including several exotic species of birds and trees that can be dated back to over 100 years. So if you’re considering a place for a nice weekend hangout with friends amidst lots of greenery then you must visit the Lal Bagh.

paying guest in bangalore

Guhantara Resort: Home to a natural waterfall, a splendid man-made lake, and plenty of lush trees, Guhantara Resort, India’s first cave resort, is a perfect escape from the busy city life. You can Indulge in a complete day of fun and excitement with an array of adventure activities, games, and sports. You can also even rejuvenate at their luxurious spa and after finally getting soaked into the fun and delight of the day outing, relish a scrumptious lunch at their multi-cuisine restaurant.

pg in bangalore

Wonderla: If you love the idea of doing thrilling and exciting things with your friends then there is no better place for your gang than Wonderla. You can choose from their endless exhilarating water and land ride options, the most popular being Recoil and Korneto, or you can simply laze by the pool sipping your mocktail under the bright sun. Besides these activities, the amusement park also includes major attractions like musical fountains, rain showers, and reality shows.

single room pg in bangalore

Bangalore Palace: Built by Chamaraja Wodeyar in 1887 and located in the heart of the city, this palace is a sight for sore eyes. The design of Bangalore Palace was inspired by England and Normandy’s castles especially the Windsor Castle. This evocative palace is adorned with Tudor-style architecture and furniture in neo-classical, Edwardian and Victorian style, with magnificent arches and sprawling green lawns. Besides this, the palace also serves as the venue for various exhibitions, concerts and cultural programs held in the city. If you’re interested in photography and monuments then this place will surely be your paradise.

room sharing in bangalore

We hope that with all these amazing options available, you won’t be feeling bored or homesick on a particular weekend. And that Bangalore will definitely keep you excited and hyped at your low moments.

How is Oxfordcaps different from other student housing companies?

As a result of the significant revolution over the past few years in the education landscape, student mobility across states to pursue higher education has become a rising trend in India. And it is noticed that good quality of living and affordability are the two key characteristics that student migrants prioritize when looking for a home away from home. However, student housing in India suffers from various issues like a high level of fragmentation – dominated largely by the unorganized PG, lack of quality solutions, price transparency, and lack of tech enablement of processes. Our team at Oxfordcaps diligently aim at addressing this gap.

Premium customized living experience

We provide a custom designed housing product standardized within the Oxfordcaps brand services guidelines. Our rooms are specially renovated to accommodate better storage, natural light, and ventilation. Besides providing a clean and hygienic environment along with high-quality furniture and basic amenities such as housekeeping, laundry, and security, we also offer specialized services to cater to the needs and desires of students in different cities.

Tech-enabled ecosystem for a seamless experience

The tech-savvy Gen Z seeks simple, quick and seamless solutions especially with regards to periodic bills and basic housekeeping matters. Thus, we offer easy to use technology platforms where students can not only pay their monthly rentals and other bills but also book the next cleaning service or laundry pick up easily.

Health always comes first

We firmly believe in the saying “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. This the reason why the meals provided by us are not only healthy and hygienic (FSSAI certified), but also delicious and wholesome. Also, it is quite evident that millennials are going out of their way to join the gym or other sports centers to rejuvenate after a tiresome day. So to cut their effort our spaces even include state-of-the-art gyms and fitness rooms.

A space you would love to call home

Besides, proper infrastructure and amenities, every child living away from his/her home, seeks the warmth and comfort of a community to mellow down their home-sickness. Thus, we also have common rooms which are always buzzing with the energy of like-minded students forging great friendships.

We believe that it also helps in instilling a sense of security and belonging and goes a long way in ensuring their emotional well-being.

Your safety is our responsibility

Our accommodations come with advanced security features such as biometric access, CCTV & video surveillance, and secured door entry. Especially for the female students, the security is a major concern


If you are reading this then you’re probably seeking admission in Delhi University. So first of all, welcome to this new journey, a journey called “College Hunting.” Owing to DU’s elusive nature, doing everything in a systematic manner and being fully prepared is the need of the hour as the process can become a little overwhelming at times.

To make the process easier for all you talented students out there, Oxfordcaps has crafted out a detailed DU admission guide for you!

DU offers admission to students in various UG, PG and doctoral courses in different fields. Both merit-based and entrance-based courses are admitted by the same process.

The process is quite simple. But it will surely put your patience to test!

  • Fill the registration form – Online mode (appears around the 3rd week of May).
  • Make the necessary uploads and pay the minimal registration fees.
  • Then wait for the cut off lists to be released on the centralized admission web portal- they might fluctuate by days so keep a track.
  • Carefully assess which will be the best colleges for you and narrow down your choices to a select few. Focus on the various aspects such as faculty, extracurricular, placements, college environment, and obviously your choice of course.
  • You get 3 days to visit the college you wish to apply to and complete the admission formalities.
  • You must carry the original documents along with their photocopies (at least 3 copies) for admission. Here we have listed the documents required for verification process:
  • 10th class mark sheet & passing certificate
  • 12th class mark sheet & passing certificate
  • Graduation mark sheet & other certificates (for PG courses)
  • Recent character certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Category certificate (if applicable)
  • Passport size self-attested photographs
  • SC/ST/OBC/Defense/PwD certificate
  • Migration certificate from board/university (only for students who passed their class 12th from outside of Delhi)
  • Anti-Ragging Affidavit (only some colleges ask for it)

For admission through entrance test, the registration process remains the same but the admission process is a little different. First of all, you have to give your entrance on the prescribed date. Also, cutoffs are released after result declaration and you get admission based on your secured rank. This might also include Group Discussion or Personal Interview Rounds (depending on the course you want to pursue).

While being optimistic about one’s percentage is good but reserving a seat at the right time is as important.

We hope this guide helps answer all your queries regarding admissions in the prestigious colleges of Delhi University. Here’s wishing good luck to all you talented young minds who seek to make it to Delhi University this year!

For further information, you can also visit the Delhi University official website: www.du.ac.in

UPES COUNSELING MADE SIMPLER: Documents you should keep handy

Going through college admissions for the first time can easily leave anyone baffled owing to the long trail of entrance exams that you first have to appear in and then the  demanding process of counseling. To hedge the risk of not being able to make it through counseling, students should avoid making any mistakes.

So to make the process easier for all you aspiring youngsters out there, we have crafted out a UPES counseling guide for you!

The seats will be allotted to the participating candidates based on their filled preferences and their ranks.Seat matrix for UPES would be:JEE Main 2019 rankers (10% seats), Board Merit holders (10% seats) and UPESEAT merit holders (80% seats).

Also, 15% seats will be reserved horizontally for candidates belonging to the state of Uttarakhand (domicile holders).

On the day of the counseling you must carry all the required documents. This is of utmost importance because leaving behind even a single document would amount to wasting your entire day because you will not be allowed to proceed further.

So here is a list of documents for verification that you must carry. Also, keep in mind to get originals as well as enough self- attested photocopies of the same.

  • Counseling Call Letter
  • Qualifying exam admit card 2019
  • Qualifying exam score card 2019
  • 10th mark sheet and passing certificate
  • 12th mark sheet and passing certificate
  • Character Certificate from the school last attended
  • Identity Proof
  • Demand Draft of prescribed fees in favor of “UPES Fee Account” payable at Dehradun
  • 6 passport size photographs
  • Domicile certificate/permanent resident certificate(for candidates applying under Uttarakhand quota)

We hope this guide helps answer all your queries regarding the counseling process. Here’s wishing good luck to all the talented young minds who seek to make it to UPES this year!

Step Up Your University Game with the Best Student Residences in India

Once you have made up your mind about the university you want to go to, the next decision that comes into play is where to stay. Where you live must be a place where you are your best, in surroundings that are comfortable, and with roommates, you feel like living with. This place makes a big difference in the experiences you have and how your overall journey will be. This is why, we at Oxfordcaps, carefully select our student residences and will always be there for you whenever you feel the need, thus making your university years even more special.

Choosing your accommodation

We promise to provide you with the best accommodation in every way possible, be it spacious rooms, free WIFI or wholesome meals, we are at your service. Even if you talk in terms of location, our student residences are located at prime spots. Majority of our properties are about 15 minutes from established universities and with convenient transport links to make you reach there. With us at your stride, you also have the option to stay with friends or inquire on who is going to share the room with you even before you make a booking.

Want to know more about us? Below is a selection of students that have shared what their life at Oxfordcaps has been like and why do they love staying with us. Yes! We sometimes feel proud in blowing our own trumpet! Nonetheless, it’s rejuvenating to hear good things about us from other people.


What I have experienced is that hostels don’t usually care about the maintenance, hygiene or day to day issues. But it’s quite the opposite here. Staff or warden, everyone here is actually happy to help. Whether it’s something as small as plumbing or just getting some extra help with my own stuff, I have always seen happy faces coming forward to rescue. -Mehul Jain

My mom was very concerned about food quality, as is the case for most hostels. But Oxfordcaps turned out to be a totally different story with hygienic, FSSAI quality food. Now my parents are very much at peace and feel very positive about my health. -Kaustabh Lahoty

Sending a girl child away from home town is still a big concern for most parents, as hostels barely maintain an entry register. Which is why they chose Oxfordcaps. With their CCTV, and biometric entry system, my folks are free of all insecurities. -Surbhi Mehta

The common room at Oxfordcaps has so many recreational activities and games. We also have a great gym. The community events that happen from time to time are also engaging and fun. Oxfordcaps offers us so much more than just a room. -Ayush Tickoo

I study in Khalsa College and like every other student I have high ambitions, and a good internship is something that most students struggle with. Oxfordcaps, however, turned out to be much more than a regular hostel. They have an amazing talent recognition program that provides internship opportunities across India and even Singapore! -Garvit Maggo

Your well-being

At Oxfordcaps, the safety and mental well-being of students is of utmost importance to us. We understand that the stress of getting away from home as well as the everyday pressures of life can take a toll on you, which is why we are always there to listen to you and provide you with the right kind of support. We have an open door policy and we invite students to simply pop in and have a word with a member of our staff on any worries they might have or in case they fancy talking about their problems.

Staying with us

Just like you, we too love to have fun. Starting from your move-in to celebrating your final year exams at the year end, it will be our job to ensure that you enjoy each moment during your stay at our accommodation.

Our co-living spaces are a better alternative to PGs and just aren’t about providing you with a place to crash post study. They are also about making student communities that are thriving and that come in different sizes and shapes, and provide you with a space to just be yourself. We are there to help you with each and everything, starting from light bulbs to providing you with homely food to keeping you secure. We also have accommodation teams for answering any questions that you may have throughout your stay.


Majority of our properties have indoor game rooms and social spaces. We have amenities varying across gym, pool table, foosball table, gaming consoles and social spaces. These spaces along with being a hub to hang out are also known for hosting social events on a regular basis. They are ideal places to get familiar with new roommates or just to hang out post a stressful day at university.

Our regular community events are a perfect place to be a part of after a long day at university. We also celebrate larger events such as Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween and everything that comes in between. All in all, we need an excuse to have a get together and make your living at Oxfordcaps, a special one.

To know more about us, you can check our FAQs section.

4 pro tips to stay safe in your student accommodation

While majority of your university life is spent having fun, it is always wise to remember the significance of keeping vigilant and safe while staying at your own.  Although all our Oxfordcaps residences do have on-site CCTVs, still keeping in mind our simple advice will assist you in keeping yourself extra safe.

Beware of stalkers

Credits: expressandstar

It is best to be wary of people coming behind you when entering your accommodation or while you unlock your room to enter. If someone does try to follow you, it is best to report it to our Oxfordcaps team.

Make sure to lock your bedroom door

It’s not only important to lock your door when you are going out, but it’s also imperative to lock it even when you are inside the room.  By keeping your room door locked, you will be able to safeguard your valuables. Before leaving your room, keep all your money or valuables such as laptops or phones out of sight or hidden so that if anyone tries to break in, h/she would have to struggle to look for anything valuable.

Do not keep your keys lying around

Always keep your keys on you and do not leave them hanging in the lock on the door. Also, if by any chance you do lose the keys to the accommodation, please immediately report it to our Oxfordcaps staff.

Report if you come across something suspicious!

It is as simple as that. If you come across something or someone around your accommodation that does not feel quite right, please report the same to the Oxfordcaps team.

Along with the combination of CCTVs and the on-site Oxfordcaps team, taking the above mentioned precautions will ensure that in addition to enjoying your stay with us, you also enjoy our high security standards and the safest possible environment 24×7.

If you have any queries about safety at our student residences, please get in touch with us on email or call.

5 best pranks to play on your roommate on this April Fools’ Day

Student Housing
Credits: The Indian Express

Did you have a good look at your calendar recently? If you haven’t, then let us fill you in! April Fools’ Day is just around the corner and pulling a prank on your roomie will especially be tempting on this day. A humorous prank will definitely bring you and your roommate a good laugh, but keep in mind not to push it too far because we don’t want anyone getting hurt or injured. So here we have some of the best and easy peasy prank ideas to play on your roomie this April fools’ day:

Make a soap that doesn’t lather

This trick doesn’t require much homework and comes in handy. For this trick to work, you just need to cover your roommate’s soap with clear nail paint and have to put it back at the usual place. The next time your roommate takes a shower, h/she won’t be able to lather up and will not even know why. H/she will miss the smelly clean feeling that comes after a nice shower, while you will have a good laugh. This prank will become even hilarious if your roomie is a gym freak or likes to go for a run.

The hidden treasures

Do you have some leftover decorations from Halloween? If yes, make a good use of these. Use a plastic worm, bug, spider or any of the creepy crawlies and put it in the refrigerator just where your roomie places h/her lunch or takeout or even better on h/her pillow. Now sit back and watch chaos ensue when h/she goes to the fridge or to get some sleep after a hectic day at college. This trick along with being super effective is also incredibly hilarious!

Food pranks- Replace sugar with salt or vice versa

Food pranks can come in handy and really make an impact. This one comes as one of the easiest pranks ever. Replace the sugar container with salt and enjoy your roommate’s priceless expression when h/she sips on his tea or coffee. To take it to the next level, pack their next day’s lunch and add a dash of jalapeño sauce to really heat things up.

Gift wrap everything

If you do have the patience to gift wrap each and every item that your roommate uses, then this effort of yours will surely earn a super reaction. All you need is a lot of wrapping paper and cello tape. It’s a good idea to stick to a pattern so that everything in the room looks uniform and gives a great effect. Plan ahead and make sure you have enough time when your roomie is out of the space as this process may take a while.  Take a hand of two from other flat mates to lift and gift wrap the mattress or sofa.


Running down on energy and funds? Then stick to this simple yet entertaining prank. Just cut out a face picture of a funny TV character and tape the same to your face or to the outside of your room’s peephole. Now all you have to do is start knocking at the door frantically. Don’t forget to stand by to catch your roomie in case h/her heart flutters while opening the door…[Giggles]