Choosing the Right Hostel for your Career

Hostel life is easily one of the most monumental times of a student’s life. You get the taste of freedom for the first time coming out of your homes. What defines these significant years are not just the college but also your hostel. These few years are the building blocks of the career path and shape what your life ahead is going to be like.

When you spend more time in your hostel than your college, it is essential that you choose the right hostel for your career. Let’s look at some points which you should keep in mind while looking for the student housing accommodation.

Distance from College: The first and foremost thing you should check is the distance of the hostel from your college. If you end up opting for a hostel at a greater distance from your college, you might end up spending quite some time traveling and a lot of times you might end up missing your classes altogether.

Internet Connection: Our whole world revolves around the internet these days. Especially as a student, assignments, classes, research and even Netflix, all of these require a good speed internet connection. Gone are the days when you went to cyber cafes to use the internet for projects, so make sure you get desirable internet speed in the accommodation you are choosing.

Food: Your parents are going to be the most concerned about your food. Although it is hard to get your ‘home-cooked’ meal, getting clean hygienic food without any restrictions on the quantity is essential. Most hostels have a predecided menu, have a look at it, tell them about any of your dietary restrictions, you can even try the food there before finalizing

Safety: Moving to a new city, away from your family, the safety in the hostel is going to play a crucial role, especially for girls. Having security guards at all times, trustworthy warden and regulation on the entry of outsiders in the hotels is a must. Clear out all your apprehensions and questions with the hostel staff beforehand.

Common Rooms: Along with your own room, you are going to spend a lot of time in the hostel in common rooms where you can interact with the rest of your hostel mates. It is important that your hostel gives you a space like this where you can relax, unwind and reach out to there other students from different backgrounds and colleges and learn so much.

Connectivity: Even if markets and entertainment areas are not in close proximity to your college campus/hostel, having good connectivity and public transport options are necessary. It makes traveling around the city and going back home alone easier and cheaper.

You might find multiple options within the same proximity of your college campus, you should research well and not rush into any decision. Some of these options might even be cheaper than the rest. But when you are picking out accommodation to stay near your college, where you would be living for the coming year, a cheap hostel is not always a wise choice. In the longer run, you might face a lot of difficulties and lack of facilities in places like these. Checking google ratings and reviews is indispensable because these are genuine responses from students or parents of the students staying there. Explore well before finalizing. 

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