Feeling homesick at your accommodation? 8 Places to lighten you up in Bengaluru

Confused with what to do with your evenings and weekends- After all, how many movies or malls can you possibly go to? You need not worry as Bangalore is home to an endless array of attractions- From partying at the best pubs, to savoring traditional Karnataka dishes at the iconic eateries or enjoying thrilling rides at adventure parks, you can do it all in this city. Whether you’re someone who’s super outgoing or someone who prefers the solitary life- you can find plenty of places to lighten up in Bangalore.

Pebbles- The Jungle Lounge:  This upbeat jungle lounge is a must-visit for all those who want a break from Hip-Hop playing, walled, and tiny clubs. The whole place gives a carnival-like feel, the major crowd puller is the big banyan tree area covered in fairy lights. If you are into electronic music, then Pebble the Jungle is the place to be. So bring your friends and enjoy a chilled out the weekend at this lounge.

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Om Made Café: This tranquil lifestyle cafe is serene, simplistic and absolutely soothes the soul; perfect for an evening get together with your friends. Open terrace seating surrounded by long leafy plants and soft interior lets you enjoy the relaxing Bangalorean summer breeze. The food is particularly fresh and lip-smacking contributing to the rustic theme. On most days they rope in various indie-jazz bands to play, which will make your evening even more memorable.

Social, Church Street: This warehouse-style bar-resto, drawing a cool urban crowd serves delicious food in jail dishes and cocktails in chemistry lab equipment. Its rustic-industrial feel coupled with upbeat music is unexpectedly relaxing and uplifting. You can enjoy a relaxing laid-back evening here and don’t forget to order their signature meze platters and ghee roast chicken.

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Puma Social Club: This pub is especially popular with the football fans mainly to enjoy the English Premier League and Champions League games. With its simple and classy décor, the atmosphere here is always electric and buzzing. Whether you choose to try out their delicious delights or sip on a refreshing cocktail, we bet you’ll definitely have a breezy time at this club.

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Lal Bagh Gardens: It is one of the most picturesque parks in the city and has a long eventful history behind it. They also have a glasshouse, an aquarium and a beautiful lake that adds to the already existing beauty of the garden. It has a rich fauna and flora including several exotic species of birds and trees that can be dated back to over 100 years. So if you’re considering a place for a nice weekend hangout with friends amidst lots of greenery then you must visit the Lal Bagh.

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Guhantara Resort: Home to a natural waterfall, a splendid man-made lake, and plenty of lush trees, Guhantara Resort, India’s first cave resort, is a perfect escape from the busy city life. You can Indulge in a complete day of fun and excitement with an array of adventure activities, games, and sports. You can also even rejuvenate at their luxurious spa and after finally getting soaked into the fun and delight of the day outing, relish a scrumptious lunch at their multi-cuisine restaurant.

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Wonderla: If you love the idea of doing thrilling and exciting things with your friends then there is no better place for your gang than Wonderla. You can choose from their endless exhilarating water and land ride options, the most popular being Recoil and Korneto, or you can simply laze by the pool sipping your mocktail under the bright sun. Besides these activities, the amusement park also includes major attractions like musical fountains, rain showers, and reality shows.

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Bangalore Palace: Built by Chamaraja Wodeyar in 1887 and located in the heart of the city, this palace is a sight for sore eyes. The design of Bangalore Palace was inspired by England and Normandy’s castles especially the Windsor Castle. This evocative palace is adorned with Tudor-style architecture and furniture in neo-classical, Edwardian and Victorian style, with magnificent arches and sprawling green lawns. Besides this, the palace also serves as the venue for various exhibitions, concerts and cultural programs held in the city. If you’re interested in photography and monuments then this place will surely be your paradise.

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We hope that with all these amazing options available, you won’t be feeling bored or homesick on a particular weekend. And that Bangalore will definitely keep you excited and hyped at your low moments.

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