Hungry and Broke in North Campus? Hog on to your favorite food in under 100 bucks!

Central Perk-

This café has gained a lot of popularity amongst students due to its same interiors like that of the TV series FRIENDS. The chairs and the orange couch will definitely take you back to the sets of FRIENDS. Get your hands on the delicious Chinese and Italian food with dishes named after the co-stars of the show. Don’t forget to check this place out if you are a fan of this sitcom.

Out with your friends and have a rumbling tummy? Don’t worry, we have got your back! Head on towards Kamla Nagar to get your hands on some of the most lip-smacking food that we swear by. 

What to order? Joey’s Special Pizza and a Phoebe Crusher 😉



An all-time favorite amongst students, Chowringhee offers a spread of rolls and kebabs that will definitely satiate the love for chicken in you. Bustling with hungry students, this joint has some of the most mouthwatering rolls you have ever had- a combination of both spicy and sweet, and indefinitely easy on the pocket.

What to get your hands on? The famous -Chicken Malai Tikka Roll

Bistro 57-

Are you up for a milkshake to beat the Delhi heat? Get your hands on the Brownie Fudge or the Ferrero Rocher at this place located on the streets of Kamla Nagar. Satisfying and refreshing, this place offers everything starting from shakes to coolers in sizes that suit your requirements.

What to order? M n M or Kit-Kat shakes …mmmm yummilicious!

Credits: taste

Chalte Firte Momos & Special-

This eating joint has two full pages solely dedicated to the favorite food of Delhi- MOMOS! They offer a variety of MOMOS that are lathered in 10 different gravies and styles ranging from tandoori, steam, and fried. Is there a need to say more?!

What is special? The Steamed Afghani Gravy Momos.. droooool!

Credits: ratlamee

Chacha Chole Bhature Wala-

Satisfy your Punjabi taste buds at the Chacha Chole Bhature Wala! The hearty chole bhature and a tall glass of lassi will come to your rescue after a stressful day in college. So wait no more and head towards this tiny corner shop to satiate the hunger of an ever-growing child within you.

Credits : recipesinhindi

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