Moving cities? 4 top tips for a new student in Delhi

Moving to a new place can be both challenging and stressful. Are you a student who’s confused and eager on how to adjust in a new city like Delhi?  We are here to give you some tips on how to settle in when you are a non- Delhiite.

Delhi Metro, Autos, Uber, Ola – Your new best friends

The Delhi metro, Autos, Uber, and Ola- These four will become your new best friends while moving in and around Delhi. Autos are also a convenient option after the Delhi Metro which is well connected and the most efficient of all. Get a metro pass to make your life even easier. On the down side, cabs have the option to cancel on you, particularly when you wish to travel to Gurgaon or Noida. So, it’s best to always call the driver and confirm with him. In case of a rainy day, plan ahead for price surges and multiples cancellations by cab drivers and autowalas

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Stay Safe

Before you make a move to Delhi, it’s best to do your research on the locality, such as the nearest hospitals, markets, or police station, or travel time to your college/university. Take the shortest route to college as the roads can be jam packed during rush hours. If you aren’t staying in your college/university hostel, it’s best to look for premiere student residences such as Oxfordcaps as these residences are much safer and better equipped than PGs. It’s a great idea to always keep your phone handy and to avoid poorly-lit areas and isolated places, particularly when it gets too late at night.

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Carry a wardrobe for extreme weather conditions

Delhi will be ideal for you if you like versatile weather. Whatever season it might be, it will sure be an extreme. Here, summers can become downright unbearable and the temperatures can hover around 45 degrees or so, whereas if you come from a warm place, winters can come across as bone chilling too. During December-January, the temperature can dip down to 3 degrees or so. This is why, it is essential to stock up on both summer and winter clothing before moving to Delhi.

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Bargain like a pro

When you step into the markets of Delhi, learn the art of bargaining and apply it everywhere. Though Delhi has some of the most amazing street markets, still you won’t find a single street shop quoting the correct price in a single go. This is why, it is very important to observe and watch the locals and learn some of their bargaining skills. You can also head to malls if you are in the mood for some serious shopping. 

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