Must-Visit Cafe around North Campus

A weekend in Delhi can never be complete without a visit to the North Campus of Delhi University.

Easily accessible by roads or metro, it has the top Delhi University colleges like SRCC, Hansraj. 

From lanes that are always full of life, activities regularly happening in the colleges, the young energy, it is a part of Delhi that never sleeps. But what makes this place famous is the pg accommodation at every nook and corner and a bustling food joint right next to it. From local street food to budget-friendly cafes, this part of Delhi is perfect for a student.

Many such cafes have come up in the past few years with beautiful interiors, interesting themes, tasty and inexpensive food. These cafes are perfect for the students staying in hostels of Kamla Nagar and for anyone visiting there. 

Here is a list of the must-visit cafe around north campus

Cafeteria & Co.

Situated at the main road in Hudson Lane, you can spot this cafe from far away. With a wide variety of continental food, they serve burgers with quirky names like the Micheal Jackson burger and the Donal Trump Burgers. They also have 100% raw and natural cold press juice to go with their famous seasoned Chicago fries.


Ricos has been present in Hudson lane for years, but they recently opened a new outlet in Kamla Nagar right next to our hostel. With incredible pancakes and fresh breakfast options, it is an excellent choice for your brunch. Your cameras will automatically come out seeing their beautiful interiors and grand entry.


Another pocket-friendly cafe with amazing momos and offbeat ambiance, which makes Echoes different is that it is managed perfectly by a  hearing and speech-impaired team. Lamps with sign-language are put all around the cafe; you communicate with their team using paper pen and different cards. A must-visit for a feel-good experience.


A “must-visit cafes in North Campus’ list can never be completed without Big Yellow Door. It is one of the first cafes to open up and is no doubt the favorite amongst all. It servers amazing shakes and bomb cheese crust pizzas. You can always find a group of friends celebrating here.

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