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pg house in delhi
pg house in delhi

Finding a place to rent or a good student accommodation site in India can be a daunting task. Moving to a new city, often entails endless hobnobbing with brokers and real estate agents, who seldom tell all the facts you need to know about student housing before shifting into your accommodation.

Oxfordcaps brings an international experience in managing student housing, creating a technology-enabled and community-driven student living experience designed for the Gen Zs. Our student accommodations are located in all prime cities across India and cater to each and every need of the student community.

Connectivity and transit points

Oxfordcaps as a premiere student housing company in India takes the connectivity and transit point areas well into consideration and that’s why our student hostels are strategically located and are extremely approachable.

Also, we have noticed that the student accommodation/hostel for girls in India do not comprise basic general purpose shops, salons, pharmacies, or hospitals. Oxfordcaps student housing company has also kept this in mind which makes us a popular choice amongst students across India. Our properties are walking distance to universities, which will make your daily commuting easy.

Your own premium shell

Rooms provided by Oxfordcaps student accommodation provider are specially renovated to incorporate better storage, natural light, and ventilation. Besides this, we provide a clean and hygienic environment along with tasteful furniture and spacious rooms. These state-of-the-art facilities will make your stay with us a memorable one.

All our properties are premium offerings comparable to luxurious student housing with international standards of amenities. Special storage designer bed with bedspread and pillow are also provided with a room in addition to comfortable mattresses and separate almirahs. This way you can enjoy the same comfort you experience at your own home. Besides this, you get an opportunity to network with a variety of people and make new friends. Our student accommodations provide a sound and peaceful environment for students to study and work with full focus and zero worries.

Amazing meal plans

Another major feature which makes us one of the best student housing company in India is that we boast an elaborate menu. It comprises of wholesome delicious vegetarian, non-vegetarian and Jain meals in addition to 24×7 vending machines provided on each property. We provide breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner at all our properties. Also, all the food provided at Oxfordcaps is FSSAI certified as we pay special attention to the health standards. In addition, a fridge and a microwave is provided to students at all our properties for them to store or heat any food items. Food vending machines are also put in place to fulfill all your midnight cravings.

Community driven services

Oxfordcaps is one such student housing company where the main goal is to build a space that encourages a sense of belongingness for students across the country. Oxfordcaps student accommodations also offer several community engagement opportunities like career events, entertainment, food trails and travel deals for its student community so that students can explore diverse options and other areas of interest. Our need for community building is deeply rooted and is also reflected in the way we include community spaces in our designs. The common room at Oxfordcaps has recreational lounges and games like pool table, foosball and carom, among others.  Majority of our student accommodations also have a great gym so that you can stay fit despite your busy schedule. The community events that happen from time to time are immensely engaging and fun


Apart from 24×7 security guards, our student hotels have a biometric security system and are CCTV-enabled. We also have a team of vigilant and trained security personnel apart from this robust security infrastructure. We make sure that our safety instruments, processes and resources are well in place at all the operational PGs for girls as well as boys. With Oxfordcaps student housing company, parents can stay assured of their children’s security.

Cost of a PG accommodation

Our student accommodations are ideal for individuals, looking for rental options at a convenient price that is also value for their money. We also try to cater to students across price segments with various price ranges for single occupancy as well as double and triple sharing room options. Oxfordcaps student housing is a perfect match of expectations and reality and is a dream destination for every student who is on the lookout for an amazing living experience.

Amenities and services

We understand that moving to another city is a big transition and hence we aim to provide our students with a home and not just a room. Our student hostels are spread across India and provide all amenities under a single roof. We offer various facilities including Wi-Fi connection, TV lounge, professional laundry services; 24 hours power backup, gym and play zones within the building which act as absolute stress busters. We also offer high-speed connectivity to our hostel residents.

Have a heap of laundry? Consider it done (and neatly folded up) as we also provide professional housekeeping and laundry facility at our properties. We have airport pick-up and drop off facility at all our student residences. Wr have taken care of each and every aspect of student living which also inculcates the health of students. This is why we ensure that doctors are available on call and other emergency services are in place.  

Tech-enabled ecosystem for a seamless experience

The tech-savvy Gen Zs seek simple yet quick and seamless solutions especially with regards to areas such as periodic bills and basic housekeeping. We take the welfare of our students very seriously and this is why our student housing company has easy to use technology platforms where students can not only pay their monthly rentals and other bills but also book the next cleaning service or laundry pick up easily. The technology driven living experience will definitely add more to your college life and you will surely enjoy your time here at Oxfordcaps student hostels. We at Oxfordcaps completely understand that shifting to a new city is never a smooth process. The experiences are vast and varied from learning the ropes of the trade at the college to gradually getting acquainted with the distinct culture of a city. In light of these challenges, proper and peaceful housing becomes immensely important in increasing your productivity at work. 

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