Step Up Your University Game with the Best Student Residences in India

Once you have made up your mind about the university you want to go to, the next decision that comes into play is where to stay. Where you live must be a place where you are your best, in surroundings that are comfortable, and with roommates, you feel like living with. This place makes a big difference in the experiences you have and how your overall journey will be. This is why, we at Oxfordcaps, carefully select our student residences and will always be there for you whenever you feel the need, thus making your university years even more special.

Choosing your accommodation

We promise to provide you with the best accommodation in every way possible, be it spacious rooms, free WIFI or wholesome meals, we are at your service. Even if you talk in terms of location, our student residences are located at prime spots. Majority of our properties are about 15 minutes from established universities and with convenient transport links to make you reach there. With us at your stride, you also have the option to stay with friends or inquire on who is going to share the room with you even before you make a booking.

Want to know more about us? Below is a selection of students that have shared what their life at Oxfordcaps has been like and why do they love staying with us. Yes! We sometimes feel proud in blowing our own trumpet! Nonetheless, it’s rejuvenating to hear good things about us from other people.


What I have experienced is that hostels don’t usually care about the maintenance, hygiene or day to day issues. But it’s quite the opposite here. Staff or warden, everyone here is actually happy to help. Whether it’s something as small as plumbing or just getting some extra help with my own stuff, I have always seen happy faces coming forward to rescue. -Mehul Jain

My mom was very concerned about food quality, as is the case for most hostels. But Oxfordcaps turned out to be a totally different story with hygienic, FSSAI quality food. Now my parents are very much at peace and feel very positive about my health. -Kaustabh Lahoty

Sending a girl child away from home town is still a big concern for most parents, as hostels barely maintain an entry register. Which is why they chose Oxfordcaps. With their CCTV, and biometric entry system, my folks are free of all insecurities. -Surbhi Mehta

The common room at Oxfordcaps has so many recreational activities and games. We also have a great gym. The community events that happen from time to time are also engaging and fun. Oxfordcaps offers us so much more than just a room. -Ayush Tickoo

I study in Khalsa College and like every other student I have high ambitions, and a good internship is something that most students struggle with. Oxfordcaps, however, turned out to be much more than a regular hostel. They have an amazing talent recognition program that provides internship opportunities across India and even Singapore! -Garvit Maggo

Your well-being

At Oxfordcaps, the safety and mental well-being of students is of utmost importance to us. We understand that the stress of getting away from home as well as the everyday pressures of life can take a toll on you, which is why we are always there to listen to you and provide you with the right kind of support. We have an open door policy and we invite students to simply pop in and have a word with a member of our staff on any worries they might have or in case they fancy talking about their problems.

Staying with us

Just like you, we too love to have fun. Starting from your move-in to celebrating your final year exams at the year end, it will be our job to ensure that you enjoy each moment during your stay at our accommodation.

Our co-living spaces are a better alternative to PGs and just aren’t about providing you with a place to crash post study. They are also about making student communities that are thriving and that come in different sizes and shapes, and provide you with a space to just be yourself. We are there to help you with each and everything, starting from light bulbs to providing you with homely food to keeping you secure. We also have accommodation teams for answering any questions that you may have throughout your stay.


Majority of our properties have indoor game rooms and social spaces. We have amenities varying across gym, pool table, foosball table, gaming consoles and social spaces. These spaces along with being a hub to hang out are also known for hosting social events on a regular basis. They are ideal places to get familiar with new roommates or just to hang out post a stressful day at university.

Our regular community events are a perfect place to be a part of after a long day at university. We also celebrate larger events such as Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween and everything that comes in between. All in all, we need an excuse to have a get together and make your living at Oxfordcaps, a special one.

To know more about us, you can check our FAQs section.

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