Student Accommodation in Delhi

Each year thousands of people move from their home towns to bigger cities for job opportunities, education, and even a better lifestyle. A very high percentage of these people would be of young adults shifting for education. From coaching institutes to colleges and universities, bigger cites in India usually hold better opportunities and more options as compared to a smaller city. 

Being the capital of the country, Delhi has always been an attraction for migrations, especially in North India for the tremendous amount of opportunities and options available. The 2001 census shows that 41% of Delhi’s residents 

(Excluding NCR regions of Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad) were migrants. The highest influx being from Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand. 

With India’s largest and one of the most prestigious universities, The University of Delhi, people are especially attracted to the capital region for education. Along with The Delhi University, Delhi and Delhi NCR are the home for the top public and private universities of the country, like India Institute of Technology (IIT-D), National Institute of Fashion Technology, AMITY University, etc. Giving students a diverse range of courses to choose from for their higher education from technical, to arts, to languages, to science, the capital region has it all. 

Delhi also happens to be an attraction for people looking for coaching for competitive exams, especially for the government sector. Thus making parts of Delhi, hubs for coaching institutes helping students prepare for examinations like SSC, UPSC, entrance exams, etc. 

With such a high influx of students coming into the city every year, Delhi surely becomes the focal point for everything related to the student. 

Even though it is a small city, there are different parts of Delhi dedicated to a different type of student. 

Finding accommodation becomes the number one task for anyone moving into a new city. The needs and expectations of a student, when they come to a place to stay are very different from someone who is moving for any other reason. These expectations also depend upon the part of Delhi they look for accommodation in. It can be to get the first taste of freedom, or to enjoy the ‘lifestyle’ of the city, or to make Delhi a permanent home, or to just study. 

The student accommodation situation in Delhi is similar to most of the metropolitan areas in the country. While there are the usual Mom & Pop PGs and hostels run by individuals, there are also bigger players that offer organized student accommodation in Delhi having a good share in this sector.

While there are a lot of differences in both these types of accommodations, they both provide basic amenities like a furnished room including bed and study table, food and since it is the need of the hour, Wi-Fi. 

The facilities of such ‘home-run’ student hostels would be more or less like a bed and breakfast where you are provided with the necessities. The meals are also optional in most of these student PGs in Delhi. 

the time is changing, and the new students are the gen-Z, as we call it, who were born with the internet in their pocket. Their needs and demands are different and much more than just a ‘bed and breakfast’. They want better-looking spaces, the option to pick out an independent room without any sharing, hygienic food, entertainment and most importantly fast and stable internet connection.

This is when companies like Oxforcaps tap into new needs. They are present in areas typically inhabited by students, and thus the options to choose from becoming larger. These organized student accommodations/branded hostels offer everything a gen-Z student would need and also want. From well furnished, younger-looking rooms and meals with variations to common rooms with games and TV for these students to relax. They even offer fully equipped gyms within these hostels. And of course, high-speed internet. And these organized student living are present in North Campus, Laxmi Nagar, Rohini, and even NCR regions like Noida and Gurugram. 

The factor that distinguishes these organized students living from regular PGs/hostels is that they offer a lot more than vibrant common areas and rooms. They regularly hold events and interactive sessions for its residents, helping them in growing so much more with their community.

In certain situations, students, especially those who have already spent over 2-3 years in Delhi, tend to shift into independent accommodation in Delhi. These are unlike the hostels, where everything is taken care of, the student needs to arrange and tend to every need of the household, including food, bills, housekeeping, etc. Since these independent flats are more expensive and come with a lot of responsibilities, they are less popular among the student community.

You can find accommodation in Delhi at something like Rs 7,000 a month to Rs 25,000 a month depending upon the location and the facilities that are being provided. In the end, it is the individual’s expectations and needs out of the accommodation that is the deciding factor.

So if you a new student and looking for the accommodation near North campus Delhi, you can explorer these branded hotels available in the city who are more than just regular PGs.

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