The advantages of sharing your PG or Hostel with a roommate

Leaving the warmth of your home and venturing into college life is a little nerve-wracking. This can be a daunting task, especially because now you will be sharing your room with a stranger and you don’t even know if they will have the same values, tastes, and interests as you. But trust us, roommates in pgs and hostels can be a rite of passage in this quest of shifting. You can hate them or you can love them, but you definitely cannot imagine sustaining without them.

Built-in companionship

You will always have someone there to hang out with or talk to when you come after a long day at work. From trying out the new neighborhood cafe to going on shopping you can do all these fun things together. And if you gel up enough you might even form a deep lifelong relationship with this other person.

Expand your social circle

A lot of times you get to know people through your friends, especially when you’re new to the city. Their friends will eventually become your friends and vice versa for them. This will make settling down, a lot easier, and you will have a great time discovering college life together. On top of this, you will be developing your social skills by virtue of being surrounded by various people from different fields.

Academic assistance

Now you might not both have the same courses at college, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot help each other out. When you’re writing an essay, preparing for a presentation or maybe with proofreading of a paper, you can take your roommate’s help. And if coincidentally some of your subjects overlap then you can do group studies to lighten the exam pressure.

‘The roommate effect’

A roommate can influence your academic success, your health habits, your attitudes, and this is not surprising as you would spend most of your time together. For instance, when you see the other person studying regularly, it automatically motivates you to not waste time and study. You will also learn to make a few compromises for the sake of your companionship, which will in turn contribute to your growth as an individual.

Savior in times of trouble/ dilemma

After all, your roomies are just a phone call away. You can get advice from them when in a fix, share ideas and thoughts. From relationships, career, party outfits, things to buy, your roommates can give a genuine opinion in times of confusion.

Vent it out!

Fought with your family or a close friend? Going through stress due to pending work? Scored badly in an important test? Then vent your heart out in front of your roomie in such times. They will always be there, ready to be all ears and will make you feel comfortable. That’s what roommates are for, bad day or a great day you have someone to share your day with.

Backup Wardrobe

You always have another wardrobe to invade when you’re bored with your own. You can share clothes, footwear, accessories and can experiment with your looks every once in a while. Even if you both are not exactly the same size, you can always figure out ways to fit in!

Wakes you up when you miss your alarm

Some mornings are harder than others, and to have someone to wake you up in case you didn’t hear your alarm is just awesome. This way you won’t miss an important event or a meeting.

Sharing the Costs

Everything is cheaper when you are splitting the bills. You can share the cost of the supplies like toiletries, groceries to even a mosquito repellent. There are other items that can be shared as well, for instance, a Netflix or an Amazon Prime account. This way, pitching in equally will make everything more affordable, and you will have so much more to spend on yourself.

In short the college journey can definitely be an emotional rollercoaster for people, but it definitely is a lot more worthwhile, having someone to share this experience with.

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